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Where it all began

Where It All Began...


For as long as I can remember I have gotten a thrill from expressing myself through creating with my hands. It might be music I play on my violin, wood that I chisel, carve or hammer, dirt that I dig in to grow vegetables and flowers, or clay that I sculpt, to name just a few. I derive great satisfaction from taking an idea in my head and manifesting some expression of that idea, be it literal or abstract, simply utilitarian or purely aesthetically appealing.


Clay in particular has long appealed to me as a medium, and over the years I have been fortunate to meet several talented ceramic artists who have shared some of their knowledge with me.

In 1998, I embarked on a creative path where I first began teaching violin and also started to create with clay in earnest.  I began renovating an old pony barn to house my ceramics studio on the property where I lived.  For the first thirteen years I focused predominantly on creating art tile in the pony barn.  I created many a fireplace surround and kitchen backsplashes during this time (I invite you to view my gallery of Tile Installations).

Over time, while also continuing to grow my violin studio~ now in my 24th year~ I branched out into other forms of clay art, including mixed-media sculpture and jewelry.  Invariably musical themes, symbols and shapes make their way into my clay carving, as my love of music permeates most everything I do.  Exploring these forms and incorporating other elements such as fiber, wood, metal and stone is where I currently pour my energies.




It has been a strange stretch of years, and I am feeling grateful to be stepping more fully back into the world, sharing time and experiences with others, particularly bringing my creations back out to share at shows and festivals.  I've lagged at any proper website update, posting shows and festivals and such but I'll be getting to that soon!  Thanks to everyone who came by to say hello in 2023, check out my work and support my creative endeavors.  I so appreciate each of you!

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